Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Update on Kelianon

Kelianon now has website space and can be found at

I've started a basic layout of one of the main cities/towns for mapping out into a domain. This is based on the English town of King's Lynn during the 15th Century, of all things.

After some internet digging when I really should have been working I managed to uncover an old archive site of articles specifically for the MUD developer which can be found here. The articles on wilderness systems and ecosystems especially got me thinking on including these features into Kelianon.

I've also had some fun playing around in KadVir's Galdiator Pits combat system. More information on this can be found at It's a little complicated, but I'm hoping that I can look into a way of simplifying and slimming it down to something that I could incorporate nicely into my own project.

On the buggy side, my colleague Mark activated a divide by 0 error when trying to activate combat with his test mortal character. I'm hoping this is due to neither character actually having the combat skill and that by incorporating a command that will allow us to add skills easier will resolve this problem temporarily until I can have it added at character start-up.

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