Thursday, March 30, 2006


Kelianon - again

Ok... so a bit of a false start last time. Perhaps this time it'll be better.

After a bit of a prod from Mark, I've started looking at bases for the Mud again. Strangely, a very quick search brought up a real and maintained mudlib for MudOS that's somewhat more 'complete' in many functions than the Lima mudlib. For instance... combat works from the get-set-go.

It also has a nifty set-up that gets it up and running under windows in minutes after download, with no fiddling around with files and corrupting them with notepad etc.

What is this wonder? It's the Dead Souls mudlib.

It still needs a lot of work to turn it into a 'real' mud, as it comes with only a scattering of skills, spells and classes, but the benefit of knowing that this mudlib is still being developed and improved by someone with much greater LPC knowledge than myself is very reassuring.

Additionally, due to some recent server problems, my own website is down (nothing to miss there as it too has not been updated in almost a year) so various pictures and links may not currently work on this blog. I'll work on this when I get the chance.

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